A gizmo is a product that has something to do with electronics, industrial design, robotics, 3-D printing, arts, crafts, and woodwork that performs a function. Here at Gizmobay we rely on The three laws of Gizmo:
- A gizmo must be made or created by you
- A gizmo must be related to the pursuits mentioned above
- A gizmo must work as intended
The fee is just 6% plus any transaction fee. We also have a referral system that allows you to bring . This means that if you use our 'referral link' to bring people to your product's page on Gizmobay then we do not charge you any fees.

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We at Gizmobay do not deal with shipping or handling. It is the seller's responsibility to indicate the locations they can ship to. However, if you are interested in an item from a seller that does not ship to your location, you can simply contact the seller with your request.
This might vary depending in your location and the seller's location. It is best to consult the seller's page or ask them directly.
We require our sellers to provide tracking numbers to facilitate resolving disputes. We advise you to ask for a tracking number if it is not provided to you by the seller after the item has been shipped.
At Gizmobay, we are dedicated to assuring a safe purchase every time you shop on our website. However, in case you do not receive the item you bought, you can contact us at support@gizmobay.com with the tracking number the seller provided you with and we will help you resolve the issue. This is why we encourage you to make sure you have a tracking number.