Fees and Payment Policy

Listing Fees

Listing an item on Gizmobay is free of charge.

Selling Fees

When you make a sale on Gizmobay, we charge 6% of the item price. This does not include shipping or transaction fees. Transactions fees, if any, are added during checkout. Upon completion of a sale, the buyer sends the money to us. We then credit your account the amount. You can withdraw your points once they reach 20 (equivalent of $20).

Payment Processing Fees

Payment Processing fees are not listed here. You will be able to see any extra charges associated with processing your payment during checkout.
Unless otherwise stated, all fees on Gizmobay are in CAD Dollars. Currency conversion is handled by our payment processing service.

Effective Date: Dec 29, 2012.
Gizmobay reserves the right to change these policies at any time.